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We create the 'turnkey' weddings

What is ‘ideal’ wedding? how to ensure that Your Wedding is to become as memorable and amazing as you always imagined? There are two options.

One – you can pull your socks up, stock up on patience and free time, and research, call, select, meet, check and double check, confirm, verify, and agree on what your perfect wedding should consists of. All by yourself.

Or – you can delegate everything to us, your professional wedding planner, and the above task list for you will reduce to only ‘agree’.

Regardless whether you want a full wedding organisation, or you would just like some help with a few details – with us you will receive a dedicated partner, who will help with your wedding plans and will solve all questions for you!


Style and decor of the wedding

Style - is what gives your wedding a wholesome image and tone. For our agency this is one of the largest steps in wedding creation, and it consists of many stages: style selection. floral and textile design, invitations and placement cards, artistic lights, decorative details such as guest favours, Candy Bar, photo booth, etc.


Wedding cars

While planning weddings Vogue style, we offer the most creative solutions for the wedding cortege: Turkish traitional boat 'gulet', a speed boat, a retro car, and even a paraglider! for those who prefer classics. we organise cars of business class.


Official marriage registration

We can take on the official documents registration for your marriage in Turkey. You will be accompanied with our representative at every stage. The procedure will take only a few hours.


Live music & DJ

If the flowers is the image of the wedding, the music is its soul. Gentle flute, trendy saxophone, passionate guitar - few people would be left untouched by their sounds. And if you wish to dance all night with the DJ's set - we will organise it for you!


Photo sessions ``Love Story``

Photo excursion Love Story will keep your memories of the wonderful time you had in Turkey. We always choose unique locations for our newlywed clients. And you can surprise your guests at the wedding with a special slide show at the wedding dinner!


Invitations and wedding stationery

We create everything that helps to emphasise your wedding style, from wedding menus and invitations to placement cards and signage.


Wedding cake

The cake has long since stopped being just a dessert. THis is a final accord of your wedding, a great finale of your special day. We will help you to select a tasty cake from the best bakeries, which will fit within the whole wedding style, as well as to organise a cute and fashionable Candy Bar.


Hen & Stag Do's

Turkey is becoming more popular for hosting the hen and stag parties - for instance, clubbing with the best DJs on the coast, or hiring a speedboat with friends. Also popular is a traditional Turkish spa: a ritual which includes a foam and oil massage, dances and a traditional ottoman dinner.


Entertainment programme

When developing a show programme, it is important to take into account the audience, the technical abilities of the venue, and most of all - to keep the balance, so that the newlyweds remained the focus of the evening.

You can choose from the popular shows, such as Belly Dance, Fire show, or go for a less known but no less spectacular entertainment as Circling Dervish Dance, national Turkish dances, Drum Dance, a gymnastic show.


Romantic dinner on a yacht

Enjoy the grandiose views of the Mediterranean coast = while having exquisite dinner in a relaxed environment of a yacht.

During the sailing, you will see breathtaking views of the islands, swim off the board in the crystal clear water, try some fishing, and even learn to drive a boat!


Venue selection

Turkey is a real treasure in terms of venues, even for the most demanding customers: you choose a secluded beach, a luxury hotel with a terrace overlooking the breathtaking views of mountains and sea, a chic yacht, a private villa with a lovely garden, a boutique hotel with a fabulous infinity pool - the choice is truly extensive.

Выбирая площадку, мы профессионально оцениваем все ее особенности и используем их с максимальной выгодой для вашего праздника.


Hair and makeup stylist

Vogue Event works with highly professional and experienced stylists, who had extensive training and practice, including in Europe. We follow the latest trends in the wedding styles, and will be happy to advise you and your other half about your images on the wedding day, as well as you bridal party and guests.


Photography & video

When the wedding day is over, all we have left is our memories of it. When selecting a photographer, we pay close attention not only to the equipment but also the artistic taste, ability to capture that special moment and light. Our clients can be assured of the excellent quality of your partners' work.


Selection of hotels and villas for accommodation

There are few place on the Turkish map that we haven't visited - our specialists will advise you on the best hotels and their deals, including unique places off the beaten tracks, which are hard to book remotely, unless you know them directly. We always negotiate with the hotels in order to get the best deals for your clients.


Historic excursions and activities

if you wish to spend your days on a cultural tour, we can find an English speaking guide, provide a transport, and help you chose excursions to a plethora of historic sites and ancient cities.
Sports activities are also plentiful - from rafting and scuba diving, to paragliding and excursions to the secluded waterfalls and beaches.

Dreaming of an exquisite, stylish, original wedding?

Vogue Event will help you to realise your most cherished dreams!