“If anyone is destined to look at the world only once, he should turn his eyes on Istanbul.

Alphonse de Lamartine


Vogue Event is the first international professional wedding agency, providing services for the preparation of the wedding on a turnkey basis in Turkey. Our team consists of highly qualified professionals, thus providing a guarantee that your wedding will be held at the highest level. The agency director is Karina Yalcin – a certified wedding planner. Karina received her training and practice from the best teachers in Russia, Europe and America.
Vogue Event team is constantly improving their skills by attending professional trainings and exhibitions, exchanging experiences with colleagues from other countries. We are always aware of the latest trends in wedding fashion.

Vogue Event Agency values its reputation and is proud of excellent partnerships with carefully selected suppliers all over Turkey. This gives us a possibility of organizing a wedding in almost any corner of the country and allows us to provide high-quality services. We offer assistance in organizing and conducting official or symbolic weddings. The list of our services also include organization of events (birthdays, stag / hen parties, a marriage proposal).

Our work is transparent: we always sign a contract with the customers for the provision of services and create a budget that takes into account your budget.
We offer a full range of services for weddings, ranging from assistance in choosing a dress and ending with fireworks.
We are direct executors and live in Turkey, it will greatly reduce your costs.
Our experience and love for our work will make your celebration truly unique, whether it is a wedding for two or a celebration among many guests.

Yalcin Karina diploma

A Wedding In Istanbul

Istanbul is the heart of Turkey and one of the most beautiful cities in the world. It is a city stretched on two continents: Europe and Asia, where the Bosphorus joins the Black Sea and the Sea of ​​Marmara. A long history of the metropolis is reflected in the historical and cultural heritage of great civilizations.

This is a city, impressing with its beauty and plenty of magnificent palaces and luxurious restaurants.

There is a huge number of sites, amazing in its beauty, where you can hold your celebration. It may be a wedding in the Sultan’s palace, on a luxurious yacht between two continents, in a blooming garden in the mountains, on the island around the pool or on the terrace overlooking the nightlife of Istanbul.

Many ancient Orthodox (Greek and Armenian), and Catholic churches have been preserved in Istanbul, where a wedding ceremony is possible.

Unlike most agencies, Vogue Event stays in Istanbul throughout the whole year.

Due to the fact that we not only work but also live in Turkey we are aware of all the latest trends, prices and offers on everything concerning the wedding industry. We even know those mansions and villas that are not known to any other agency.

Do you want a sophisticated, stylish, worthy and chic wedding? Vogue Event is created to bring your wildest wedding dreams into life.

We are in charge of all the wedding fuss. You just enjoy the turquoise Bosphorus, gourmet kitchen and a celebration in your honor.

Свадьба во Дворце Султана

Wedding in Sultan’s Palace


Wedding in Forest

Свадьба на Яхте между Европой и Азией

Wedding Between Europe and Asia

Свадьба на Принцевых Островах

Wedding in Princess Island

Свадьба в стиле Vogue

Wedding in Vogue Style

Wedding In Cappadocia

Do you want to make your wedding an unforgettable holiday? The City of fairies Cappadocia is an ideal option.

The name Cappadocia, a city located in central Turkey, is translated from the ancient Persian as”the country of beautiful horses” .

Everyone who visited Cappadocia will remember this unique place forever. The landscapes give an impression that you are on an alien planet, and smoothly floating balloons, hundreds of which are run every day, make the landscape even more incredible.

Approximately 70 million years ago, the entire region of Cappadocia was a bottom of the ocean. As a result of volcanic eruptions, and then under the influence of sun, wind, rain and snow there was a constant weathering and leaching of the soft volcanic rock that created a truly cosmic landscape of the territory.

According to a legend, a fairy land Cappadocia, well hidden from prying eyes even in ancient times, was created by fairies – one of the valleys is called “The valley of the fairies.” There are underground cities, rock monasteries and castles, local wine and original cuisine.

And most importantly, in Cappadocia you can enter your marriage trully in the sky – during a flight in a balloon!

In Cappadocia, different from any other city in the world, your wedding will turn from a holiday into wonderful reality.

Vogue Event holds nontrivial weddings.

Wedding in Oludeniz

Are you dreaming of a romantic wedding on the coast of the divine beauty? Ölüdeniz is an ideal place for your dreams to come true.
olu deniz

One of the most quiet resorts of Turkey Oludeniz  is known for its crystal clear sea and the Lycian mountains covered with pine forest.

One of the attractions of the resort is the Valley of Butterflies, a nature reserve, protecting the dreamscape of this inaccessible location and its main  inhabitants – the butterflies.

Oludeniz offers protected pine forests and olive groves, white sandy beaches and a beautiful sea and its inhabitants – dolphins and sea turtles Caretta-Caretta.

Those interested in ancient history and architecture can go on an excursion to the ancient cities of Tlos and Xanthos, see the Aminos tomb and an ancient theater of II century, where concerts and many other activities are still held.

For outdoor enthusiasts Vogue Event organizes rafting, jeep safari, paragliding, diving and yachting.

Ölüdeniz, surrounded by flowers and  the rays of caressing sun is ideal for a wedding gradually turning into a honeymoon.

Vogue Event will organize a wedding, the memories of which will stay in your hearts forever.



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Searching for unusual options for a wedding?

Maybe it’s a heartwarming ceremony in the circle of the closest people in a cozy restaurant

in the mountains? Or a luxurious banquet in the Sultan’s palace overlooking the

Bosphorus? Or maybe a celebration between the two continents on a luxurious yacht?

Perhaps it is a wedding on the island in the Sea of Marmara in an old Greek mansion?

Each pair has their unique dreams and ideas, but it is difficult to achieve perfect results

when organizing a wedding on your own.

Preparing and conducting weddings from A to Z

A wedding is a time-consuming process, an average bride and groom spend 230 hours to

plan the celebration. Only when the wedding worries are laid upon professionals, you can

fully enjoy your holiday and feel every moment of this unique event!

Vogue Event Wedding Agency offers a full range of services for the preparation and

holding of the most romantic event in your life in Istanbul and throughout Turkey. Our

work begins with a meeting in the Internet and ends with transfer to the airport at the end

of the trip.

You just share with us your ideas about the wedding of your dream and we find ways to

bring them into life.

Our wedding agency values its reputation and works only with reliable partners. For

celebrations, we offer only the best sites and work with professionals.

The price for the services of organizing a wedding

Each of our wedding is a separate author project, specially created for the particular pair.

We do not offer ordinary scenarios but create a wedding on a turnkey basis with all the

nuances. With a budget of up to 15,000 €, our fee will be 1500 €. With a budget of more

than 15 000 €, the agency fee will be 10% of the budget. Vogue Event works with budget

transparently and efficiently. We will provide a detailed estimate and together prioritize

the allocation of funds.


How do you work?

After an application is sent to an e-mail, Whats’Up or Viber we call up on Skype and you

describe the wedding day of your dream, we give advice on the organization.

Then we will send you a presentation created on the basis of your requirements with a few

locations for the wedding to choose from.

We will sign a contract for services (we need a photocopy of the main page of your

international passport).

You should pay a 1000 € deposit of the wedding services, which is included into the final

budget, and we start working on your dream wedding! The work on the wedding goes in a

special program, through which you can monitor all payments and reservations. Our work

is transparent.

What is included in your services?

Each of our wedding is an individual project. We provide services beginning with a

meeting at the airport and ending with fireworks on the wedding day. After discussing all

the key moments of the wedding day, we will send you a budget with a list of selected


When is it necessary to book a wedding?

Most of our clients book their wedding about six months before the date. For couples with

guests we recommend to contact us 4-5 months before the wedding. If there are only two

of you, one month is enough to prepare for the wedding.

What are our guarantees?

We are well established in the market and value our reputation, our contacts are passed

from hand to hand by the newlyweds, who have already had their wedding organized by

our agency. We work officially, signing a contract with each customer.


Do you want to know more about your wedding in Turkey?

Contact us!

Fethiye, Turkey
+44 7770 757 170 (WhatsApp, Viber)