How do you work?

After an application is sent to an e-mail, Whats’Up or Viber we call up on Skype and you describe the wedding day of your dream, we give advice on the organization.

Then we will send you a presentation created on the basis of your requirements with a few locations for the wedding to choose from.  We will sign a contract for services (we need a photocopy of the main page of your international passport).

You should pay a 1000 € deposit of the wedding services, which is included into the final budget, and we start working on your dream wedding! The work on the wedding goes in a special program, through which you can monitor all payments and reservations. Our work is transparent.

Each of our wedding is an individual project. We provide services beginning with a meeting at the airport and ending with fireworks on the wedding day. After discussing all the key moments of the wedding day, we will send you a budget with a list of selected services.

What is included in your services?


When is it necessary to book a wedding?

Most of our clients book their wedding about six months before the date. For couples with guests we recommend to contact us 4-5 months before the wedding. If there are only two of you, one month is enough to prepare for the wedding.
We are well established in the market and value our reputation, our contacts are passed from hand to hand by the newlyweds, who have already had their wedding organised by our agency. We work officially, signing a contract with each customer.

What are our guarantees?