How a wedding coordinator operates at the weddings abroad?

After you send us an enquiry via e-mail, What’sApp or Viber, we will arrange a Skype call for an initial consultation. This will primarily include you describing to us the wedding day of your dreams, and we will give you advice regarding how we can help with the organisation. Following this we will send you a presentation created on the basis of your ideas, with a few locations and themes for you to choose from. Rough budgets will be included.

We will then provide a contract of services for both parties to sign. We will require a photocopy of your passport and an initial deposit of 50%, and then work will begin for your big day! The remaining half of the cost is paid no later than 2 weeks before the wedding day.

Our work is transparent and you can monitor all payments, reservations and progress at any time. We will consult with you throughout the entire process.

We are a well established UK-registered limited company. We operate in the market since 2014 and value our reputation, much of our work comes from mouth of word, with satisfied newlyweds passing on our names to other potential clients. We work officially, signing a contract with each customer. You can review our testimonials here.

What are the guarantees for the best destination weddings?


How far in advance we need to book the all inclusive wedding packages?

Most of our clients book their wedding about six months before the date. For couples with a group of guests we recommend to contact us at least 4-5 months before the wedding. If you are booking a packaged wedding , 1 month is enough for the preparation.
Summer months are, of course, very popular. However, the best time for weddings is the middle of spring or early autumn. In our blog we explain why – please take a look at the article about the wedding seasons in Turkey.

When is the best time for getting married on the beach in Turkey?


Is Turkey a safe place for getting married abroad?

Socially, Turkey is one of safest muslim countries, as their culture has been specifically cultivated by the leaders in the early 20th century and is based on the European standards. Regardless of the modern political turbulences in the world, Turkey remains the most friendly and desired country for holiday, honeymoon and weddings – thanks to a huge and varied selection of venues, top level customer service, and a lovely climate. And we observe that the Turkish government pays a lot of attention to the safety of tourists and citizens. 
Of course, you can. It is easy enough to pick a hotel with a typical wedding package, and some couples would be satisfied with it just fine. However, in these template packages  the service is quite limited, and therefore the missing services will have to be sourced by yourselves.

For instance, the photosession is likely to be on the territory of the hotel – while our agency offers unique and special locations. Details of the entertainment programme will probably be standardised and dedicated to the other guests of the hotel,  not just your wedding party; wedding decor will be offered as non-customisable or with a limit of one or two colour schemes and most likely with artificial flowers; few hotels offer help with coordination of guests if they are staying elsewhere. So all in all, you might not receive a fully ‘perfect wedding’ of your dreams and will have to make a few cuts on your vision.

Wedding is a time- and effort consuming process; on average the bride and groom spend 230 hours at planning their wedding. Only if you delegate the planning, design, and implementation to the professional planners, you can be assured of realising your dream wedding and also being relaxed during the preparation time for your special day.


Why having a wedding planner? Can't I just book a pretty hotel in Turkey myself?


Are there difficulties in planning a wedding in Turkey remotely?

We maintain a constant contact with our clients – by WhatsApp, Viber, or Skype. we talk to them at least once a week and sometimes more often. We dedicate as much time to you as needed for the discussion of all the little details of your wedding: it is important for us that you are 100% happy with it. Please take a look at our testimonials here.
Yes, it is cheaper here. The majority of our weddings are individual and unique projects specially made for the specific bride and groom. The most expensive items are the venue cost, the dinner and drinks, and the decor and floral design. Additional services will add glamour and class to your wedding, but can add to the budget pot too – such as the entertainment, the live musicians. At the same time, even after including those add-ons, the cost of wedding is a lot less expensive. Check out the all inclusive wedding packages.

Destination wedding cost - is it cheaper than in the UK or Europe?


Would / could our guests come to the destination wedding Turkey?

Turkey is a very friendly, safe, and extremely affordable country – plenty of relatively cheap flights from many airpots across the UK, easy visa at the entry, and many beautiful things to offer. 

The tourism is the primary industry in the country, and therefore the customer service is polished to the highest level. 

Your guests will be pleasantly surprised with your choice of the wedding venue, and the guaranteed sunny weather and beautiful nature will help them to feel at ease and relaxed, and to enjoy your fabulous wedding.

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