Turkey - a Place for Destination Weddings

Getting married abroad is becoming more and more popular. The pull of being able to spend your momentous day in a spectacular setting, accompanied by the beautiful weather – and have a much more affordable wedding! – makes it hard to resist.

Turkey is one of the most popular countries for destination weddings, especially the elegant city of Fethiye and the picturesque towns surrounding it – Oludeniz, Gocek, Faralya, and others. The breathtaking scenery here is jaw-dopping even for the most seasoned traveller. Known for its magnificent forest covered mountains, piercing turquoise water and beautiful sandy beaches, Turkey also has a rich history. A unique fusion of the West and the East is evident in its culture, cuisine and architecture. Turkey is a treasure trove for lovers of history. Roman, Byzantine, Ottoman, Greek and other empires have all left their marks on the country, and there are many landmarks and ruins that are worth a visit.

The unique combination of Turkey’s nature, history and culture, alongside its reasonable prices, makes it one of the most tempting and affordable places for getting married, especially compared to Europe or the UK. Did you know the average cost of a wedding in the UK is now £27,000? For a fraction of that you can organise a wedding that would far exceed anything you could have had in the UK – not to mention the opportunity to plan something different to the norm.

Turkish cuisine is famed for its variety and taste. Baklava, the infamous kebabs, pastries, Turkish coffee – the list of gastro-economic delights could go on forever. There are many local delicacies, including wines, cheeses and olives. Restaurants will serve you plate upon plate of meze, fish and meat dishes – all prepared with fresh herbs, spices, organic vegetables and local olive oil. There are a large number of colourful markets, with original handmade goods, boutique clothing, antiques and traditional jewellery.

Turkey is famous for its hospitality. Ingrained in its culture and its businesses, the level of service in hotels and restaurants is unparalleled. Locals are friendly and welcoming, and the low crime rate and respect for foreigners make this a safe and ideal area.

Hosting a wedding in Turkey is an excellent opportunity to save on flight costs and get an all inclusive wedding package with a honeymoon. A large number of direct flights from numerous UK airports are available at reasonable prices. The visa system is simple, it can be bought cheaply online, ahead of time – there is no “application” process as such.

Turkey is surrounded by four different seas and has over 8000km worth of beaches, and therefore it is one of the most popular beach wedding venues. There are many activities you can partake in: paragliding, horse-riding, sailing, trekking, scuba-diving and many others.

We offer a large selection of wedding venues for getting married abroad: on a private beach; a luxury yacht; the terrace of a boutique hotel; in a chic restaurant overlooking the azure sea and mountains – and more.

We will assign a personal wedding planner for you who will take care of every last detail, from selecting a perfect wedding venue and developing the wedding concept and decor, to appointing entertainment shows and picking up cufflinks for the groom, should he has forgotten them – so that you can enjoy every moment of your celebration, and the build up to it. For years to come, perhaps while you are recalling the day to children or grandchildren, we guarantee that the smill will not yet have left your face!

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